It’s all good in the Hood – the new Clean Hood

Photo of a person wearing a clean hood in a laboratory environment - Integrity Cleanroom

Did you know we have recently added Clean Hood laminar flow booths to our product portfolio, offering a flexible, clean solution for use in a variety of settings?

Also known as laminar flow cabinets, tissue culture hoods or clean benches, this Clean Hood is a specialist piece of equipment. It is designed to provide a safe work area by preventing contamination of the items being worked on.

What’s more, it’s based on the well-regarded fan filter unit (FFU) which is the backbone of the successful Clean Tent range of products so that you can be certain of performance and functionality.

Installing a Clean Hood means a clean working environment can be created in any workspace – from a laboratory or a workshop to an office – so when used in combination with appropriate clothing and processes, organizations of any size can meet legislation and offer quality guarantees.

This high quality yet affordable solution comes in a standard size. However, there are options to tailor it even more to your needs to create a larger workspace with additional functionality.

Regardless of the exact format you choose, the Clean Hood as standard comes with:

  • Benchtop or workstation
  • Anodised aluminum frame
  • ISO 5 / Class 100 air
  • Vertical or horizontal flow
  • Variable-speed fan filter unit controller
  • 6mm transparent acrylic sheet to three sides ensure as much ambient light as possible enters the work station

For more information about this solution and additional options, or to request a quote, contact the team. We’ll be happy to help.