Effective control in minimising contamination within any cleanroom environment is critical. Manufactured to conform to ISO classifications, our cleaning systems, mopping equipment and disposable solutions are designed to offer high-quality performance, construction and reliability.

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Integrity Cleanroom Flat Mop Head


INSPEC™ AN Solution

From £97.50

INSPEC™ DE Solution

From £23.27

INSPEC™ HA Solution

From £167.10

INSPEC™ IPA Solution

From £22.20

INSPEC™ N10 Solution

From £120.17

INSPEC™ N7 Solution

From £93.73

InSpec™ NS HG Hand Gel

From £56.60

INSPEC™ NS HR Hand Rub Spray


INSPEC™ OX Solution

From £183.66

INSPEC™ QT Solution

From £142.83

INSPEC™ QT+ Solution

From £114.00

Integrity 100% Polyester 120gsm Wipes

From £25.20

Integrity 100% Polyester 140gsm Wipes

From £5.99

Integrity 100% Polyester ESD Wipes – Pack of 150


Integrity Adjustable Mop Handle


Integrity Blue Sponge Mop Head

From £8.75

Integrity Cellulose Sponge Mop and Handle


Integrity Disposable Poly-Cellulose Mop Head


Integrity Disposable Polyester Mop Head


Integrity Tacky Film Roller

From £57.74

Integrity Foam Roller

From £39.37

Integrity Hand Lotion in ESD Bottle


Integrity Hand Sanitising Liquid 250ml