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Our aerospace products are grouped in structured categories below according to our top-selling items for controlled environments within aerospace manufacturing. Refine products by brand, best sellers, or narrow your search by cleanroom ISO ratings to find the ideal product for your specific clean environment needs.

Cleanroom Clothing & PPE (34)

Cleaning and Disinfectants (40)

Cleanroom Stationery (4)

Cleanroom Matting (3)

Cleanroom Containers (10)

Cleanroom Furniture (5)

Cleanrooms and Laminar Flow (4)

ESD and Antistatic (33)



With contamination of small particles, one of the main concerns in a critical environment, our tacky control mats are the perfect solution to keep out unwanted residue. Placed outside the cleanroom, the tacky mats will remove particles from under shoes or the wheels from trollies etc. To keep the working environment cleanliness at Aerospace industry standards, our range of cleanroom disinfectants, sterile wipes and our own brand gloves have proved a popular choice for leading global aerospace manufacturers.

Ireland's First Satellite

Teams of students, industry leaders and professors at a University in Dublin are currently designing, building, and preparing to launch Ireland’s very first satellite...
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The Integrity Cleanroom range has been developed to meet the most stringent cleanroom process requirements serving multiple industries. This covers a full spectrum of cleanroom sector users from Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare to Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Precision Engineering and Automotive manufacturing. Please leave us a message and a member of our technical supplies team will be in touch.

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