Case Study

UK University’s Medical Research Centre

UK University Brain Tissue Research Downflow Bench - Integrity Cleanroom

Client Background

The specialist brain research centre, based at a UK University, collects and supplies human brain tissues for research locally, nationally and internationally. It has made major contributions to the identification of the major genetic mutations associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

Cleanroom Requirements

The centre manager at the research University approached Integrity Cleanroom in search of a solution to guarantee a highly clean, critical working environment. The staff previously had to carry out dissections at the local mortuary and this new solution would enhance their research work and save the University revenue in the longer term.

The dissections are essential for the diagnostics and brain research, identification of the major genetic mutations associated with neurodegenerative diseases which underpin the  trust’s work. The addition of a Downflow Bench on site would mean the team would also be able to work more efficiently and no longer have to move sensitive material outside of the facility.

Our Solution

Our experienced consumables team identified a Downflow Bench as the ideal solution to meet the needs of the client. Downflow Benches are highly efficient and designed to protect the user and environment from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface when working with human tissue.

The unit facilitates procedures requiring complex and intensive operator involvement, downward airflow in the chamber work with Activated Carbon Filters protects the operator providing protection from fumes and particulates by drawing air through the stainless steel perforated work surface, ensuring compliance with COSHH regulations.