Cleanroom wipes have been developed to effectively remove contaminants, particles and any residual material in critical manufacturing and controlled environments. However, using them correctly is critical  to maintain the integrity of your cleanroom.

Folding and using the wipe in a particular way maximises efficiency and effectiveness. The best technique to clean a surface in your cleanroom is a wet clean which usually involves an impregnated wipe and a disinfectant or detergent solution.   The mechanical act of wiping a surface will remove a number of particles from that surface.  If the wipe and surface are wet, this will break more of the bonds that hold particles to the surface and allow you to pick up many more particles.

This clear step-by-step guide can be used to ensure you and your cleanroom operatives are cleaning your workspaces to meet the highest standards.

Click here to download a printable version of our guide.

If you need further help on knowing what wipes you should be using and when, please refer to our guide, Choosing the Right Wipe.

Step 1

Hold the wipe in mid-air. Take the wipe by its edges and fold it in half. The wipe should not be placed on any surface during this folding action.

Step 2

Fold the wipe in half again, creating four cleaning faces – two outside and two inside.

Step 3

Wipe in one direction with slightly overlapping strokes from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest areas, lifting the wipe at the end of each stroke.

Step 4

Each face of the wipe will be used for one straight stroke. Turn the wipe over and make a second stroke.

Step 5

Refold the wipe as shown in step 2 to enclose the two contaminated faces and expose the two clean faces. Repeat step 3 & 4 using the two clean faces.

Step 6

The wipe may be completely unfolded, reversed, and refolded beginning at step 1 to enclose the contaminated faces and expose the four remaining clean faces.

Step 7

Once all 8 sides have been contaminated, dispose of the wipe according to site protocol.

Step 8

Continue with a new clean wipe, following all prior steps until the full surface area is clean.

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