Critical Environment Supplies

Engineering Cleanrooms

In mechanical engineering applications, airborne contaminants and other particulates can compromise the integrity of sensitive components, thus negatively impacting the quality or functionality of the finished product. Integrity Cleanroom products are sorted into structured categories below according to our top-selling items searched within the Engineering industry. Browse our products by brand, top consumable sellers, or refine your search by cleanroom ISO ratings.

Cleanroom Clothing & PPE (35)

Cleaning and Disinfectants (40)

Cleanroom Stationery (4)

Cleanroom Matting (4)

Cleanroom Containers (10)

Cleanroom Furniture (5)

Cleanrooms and Laminar Flow (4)

ESD and Antistatic (35)



We can supply many sectors of the engineering industry, from whole cleanroom installations to cleanroom equipment. Our broad range of wipes, apparel, various cleanroom mop head options and tacky rollers, will cover any cleanroom requirement. If a cleanroom installation is what you are looking for, but perhaps on a more temporary basis, our Integrity Clean Tent could be an option to consider.


The Integrity Cleanroom range has been developed to meet the most stringent cleanroom process requirements serving multiple industries. This covers a full spectrum of cleanroom sector users from Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare to Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Precision Engineering and Automotive manufacturing. Please leave us a message and a member of our technical supplies team will be in touch.