Case Study

Laboratory Cleanroom for Chemical Business

Chemical Cleanroom Cupboard Chemical Laboratory - Integrity Cleanroom

The Client

Our clients are a leading speciality chemicals business, providing bespoke polyurethane chemicals to a wide variety of industries and clients.


Their Sales and Technical Director approached us in search of a range of solutions to ensure the reactive chemistry and mixing operations carried out were done so in a safe and compliant manner.

Our Solution

Ducted Fume Cabinets 

Four Ducted Fume Cupboards were recommended and installed, ideally fitting the clients brief, fully complying with the company’s Health & Safety policies and providing a clean air environment for staff to perform tasks.

The folding front glazing on the units allows full access to the working chamber which also features a cable access port to allow equipment to be easily installed.

The fume cupboard has a high chemical resistance and a fully welded polypropylene construction, offing an integral spillage containment area. The work surface was produced to allow for apparatus to fit easily into the cabinet, again ensuring the client’s safety requirements when performing Polyurethane reactions and chemical blending was fully met.

To ensure the safety of more complex chemical reactions a specialist Ducted Fume Cupboard was also installed on-site.

The unit was constructed of zintec steel with a radiused front profile and chemically resistant sliding sash to ensure the highest level of fume containment. A 6mm Inner Chamber is coupled with a stainless steel aerodynamic front sill designed to allow a continuous flow of air across the work base when the sash is closed. The cupboard’s low airflow alarm guarantees the laboratory’s staff piece of mind when carrying out tasks, warning them if the unit’s operational parameters are not being met.

Ductwork and Three Phase Fan

The Ductwork route was manufactured completely from PVC and stretched 30m from the fume cupboards, via the laboratory’s roof space and terminating through the external wall.

The 3-phase fan was mounted on the external wall utilising anti-vibration mounts, with the duct stack terminating at a safe level above the roofline.